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Branded Content

Throughout his career, Derek has strived to work with the most innovative, influential brands and creative partners in the content arena. His work varies from scripted comedic YouTube pre-rolls shot in-studio to branded content documentaries focused on urgent global issues. As his work has progressed, he has taken a central role in content strategy and the rollout of campaigns, not only leading the creative on the promotional assets but also targeting cross-promotional opportunities and influencers to spread the word. 

His experience as a storyteller has recently expanded into B2B marketing, creating fresh ways to communicate and entice sales between corporations. This work blends media forms, leaning on emerging trends and technology to build customer experiences that resonate, inform, and ignite passion.

While collaborating directly with The 199, S&P Global's in-house agency, Derek led multiple campaigns for their inaugural "Purpose Day." 

Screenshot 2024-01-26 at 10.38.14 AM.png

This content series takes the form of a curated learning experience designed to educate global audiences on how to best utilize TikTok for Business in the form of an interactive digital board game. 

TikTok Academy

In these three docustyle spots, small businesses that innovate and inspire take center stage. Alongside Amazon Creative Studios, Derek supplied each business with products powered by Intel, documenting how the products transformed their businesses for the better. 

Small Business Makeovers | Intel

Kommissary, a New York-based restaurant startup was at the forefront of bringing the food services industry back to life following the COVID-19 pandemic. Each piece of this three-part campaign profiles a different initiative led by the company and its partners.

New York Reborn | Kommissary

This showpiece featuring acclaimed artists across the globe kicked of international arts non-profit OLYMP'ARTS inaugural Open Ceremony. It commemorates artistic expression as a powerful catalyst for fostering a more peaceful, empathetic, and beautiful world.

Olymp'Arts - Opening Ceremony Film - FINAL - 4k Digital.00_04_54_03.Still014.jpg

This six-part documentary series profiles the people behind the businesses that are leading the most important corporate innovations and climate action across the globe. 

Future Forward

Working with award-winning innovation agency, dot dot dash, Derek created a multi-platform immersive experience for the release of the Adidas Golf flagship shoe, Adidas Tour 360 22, featuring gold-medalist Xander Schauffele.

Adidas Tour360 Launch

"Engineering Hope" is the banner documentary series in the rebranding of NI, formerly known as National Instruments. The goal: to show how the technology created at NI changes lives for the better. 

NI - Engineering Hope

The Gift For Everyone campaign takes a light-hearted approach in telling stories that illustrate how an AncestryDNA kit is a perfect gift for all occasions.

Gift For Everyone | Ancestry DNA
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