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Opening Ceremony Film

OLYMP'ARTS is dedicated to uniting the world through art. Drawing inspiration from the Ancient Greek origins of the Olympiads of Art, this film marked the commencement of the OLYMP'ARTS 2023 Opening Ceremony at Zappeion Hall in Athens. The inaugural artistic competition is scheduled for Paris in 2027, with subsequent occurrences every four years thereafter.

Timezone Hopping Aplenty 

Upon connecting with the OLYMP'ARTS team, Derek was immediately captivated by the organization's mission, spirit, and potential impact. However, he swiftly recognized the unique challenges associated with crafting the Opening Ceremony film. With the event just two months away, only a loosely defined creative concept, and the aspiration to shoot with artists scattered worldwide, each with their own scheduling demands, Derek faced a complex puzzle. Additionally, the desired talent had yet to be officially booked, requiring crews for alternative talent in different locations to be on standby in case the initial choices fell through.

Undeterred, Derek leveraged over a decade of experience building a global network of collaborators. He swiftly assembled robust crews capable of capturing high-end visuals in diverse locations, including Lagos, Paris, London, and three distinct towns in Greece. Each locale told a unique story: Bolaji Ogunwo, an immensely talented painter and University of Lagos professor, shared his narrative in Lagos; in Paris, Marc Verriere, the founder of OLYMP'ARTS, reflected on witnessing his vision come to life after nearly two decades of dedication; London featured the inspiring talent and grace of pianist Mélodie Zhao, a former child prodigy; and in Athens, Philippos Tsalahouris, head of the Athens Conservatoire, delivered one of the most passionate and insightful interviews Derek has had the pleasure of conducting throughout his career.

Simultaneously, the post-production team worked seamlessly in tandem with the shoots, weaving together the unfolding story. With little time to spare, Derek and his team presented a product that garnered immense pride from the OLYMP'ARTS team. In gratitude, OLYMP'ARTS honored Derek with the Outstanding Contribution Award during the charity dinner, recognizing his significant role in the success of the Opening Ceremony.

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