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Derek in a Nutshell

Derek Brown is a multidisciplinary filmmaker, creative, and executive producer, who is passionate about immersing himself within stories, brands, and teams to create content that impacts audiences and customers. He has roots as a one-man-band documentary filmmaker and has worked in almost every creative department throughout his career in a multitude of environments. These experiences inform his empathic leadership style that focuses on communication, organization, and creative empowerment.

In his free time, Derek enjoys experimenting with varying photography formats, trying to live up to the home chef label he's given himself, and traveling to new places to immerse himself in different cultures. Above all, he relishes quiet nights watching 90's movies of varying critical acclaim (we need bad movies too) with his pup, Gouda. He dreams of transforming his boutique content studio, One Way Ticket, into the studio that brings the mid-budget blockbuster back to prominence. 


+1 503 709 9957



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