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Intel / Amazon Creative Studio

Small Business Makeovers

Derek created this campaign through his partnership with Malka Media, which, at the time, was an up-and-coming content studio carving out its place in the highly competitive Greater New York City content production and creative agency marketplace. Alongside Malka’s leadership, Derek played a central role in pitching Amazon Creative Studio on this campaign and its roll-out strategy.  

This docu-style campaign complemented the storytelling of non-fiction filmmaking with cinematic cinematography of indie film and jazzy editing of commercials. Amazon Creative Studio rewarded the success of the campaign by signing a significant retainer with Malka Media, which became the studio’s core business and key to its growth and eventual acquisition.

The Subject is the Content

When profiling a subject, be it a person, team, or business, content strives or struggles by how compelling that subject is. The team focused on partnering with small businesses in America that would be relatable, had a poignant purpose, and allowed us to capture dynamic footage full of physicality. Lastly, the team wanted to know that the devices that they’d be giving to each said business would truly have an impact. 

Once Derek pitched the small businesses to the team at Amazon Creative Studio, it was settled, and the roadshow began. Derek led a team documenting each business, flying from city to city, producing on the fly while also curating distinct creatives for each piece. The intensity of the production elevated the look. Series Director of Photography, Eric Giovon, brought his cinematic capabilities to the necessary run-and-gun style production days. 

This approach maximized the footage for post and Derek and his team of editors, designers, animators, and sound mixers were able to create an entire portfolio of unique content for this campaign, in addition to the three core showpieces.

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