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"Gift For Everyone" Campaign

Derek worked with creative producer, Eric Straubhar,  to pitch and win this two-tiered campaign that highlighted how an AncestryDNA kit is an excellent gift for any occasion. Derek and Eric's collaboration began while filming goofy skits as college roommates. They summoned those comedic instincts in the construction of each story. Derek focused his direction on ending each piece on a note that warms the heart. 

The first three-part tier of this campaign was released in the fall and focused on gifting the AncestryDNA kit in non-traditional circumstances. The client was ecstatic to bring us back for their big holiday push and Derek and Eric created three more spots that centered around gift-giving during the holidays. The series resulted in a 500% increase in search lift, and the videos received up to +400,000 views in their first week on YouTube.


Bringing sibling competition to the forefront provided rich text for an inner-monologue-themed spot. Who would have thought making cookies could be so triggering? 


Many fathers are asked why the neighbors' decorative lights are more impressive during the holidays. This spot leans on that theme; keeping up with the Joneses with a holiday twist. 

"White Elephant" 

Any overly competitive person views a white elephant gift exchange as both an opportunity to show exquisite gifting talents and their clairvoyant gift-guessing instincts.

AncestryDNA | Gift For Everyone - Sisters
AncestryDNA | Gift For Everyone - Neighbors
AncestryDNA | Gift For Everyone - White Elephant

Making it All Work

In addition to leading the creative of this campaign alongside Eric, Derek was also the executive producer. He brought on a talented team of filmmakers through One Way Ticket, forming efficient processes that balanced the creative, client maintenance, quick turnarounds, and maximizing the profitability of what was ultimately a limited budget. Derek also created a value-add for the client during the post-production process, creating social cutdowns for each spot and selling an additional content package to the client on the backend.

AncestryDNA | Gift For Everyone - History
AncestryDNA | Gift For Everyone - Mailman
AncestryDNA | Gift For Everyone - Anniversary

"Graduation Gift"

Sometimes you need an ugly sweater for an ugly sweater party. Most of the time, you don’t. This spot gives viewers an alternate option. 


In this spot, two oddballs form an unlikely bond, and the tables are turned as the mailman receives his own delivery.


Calendars can induce anxiety for the unprepared. In this spot, a husband has much to do before his wife returns home, but he doesn’t have to worry about the anniversary gift.

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