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Amazon Climate Pledge

Future Forward Film Series

Each film of this six-part documentary series highlights Climate Pledge signatories that are trailblazing paths to a cleaner future through decarbonization. They profile the people behind cutting-edge businesses leading their respective industries in the fight for a cleaner, healthier planet.

Future Forward - Screencap1
Future Forward - Screencap 2
Future Forward - Screencap 3
Future Forward - Screencap 5
Future Forward - Screencap 4
Future Forward - Screencap 6

Change is the Only Constant 

Derek was a key creative on two of the six films, The Future of Flight and The Future of Buildings, working alongside longtime collaborator and director, Samia Khan, and the Emmy-nominated director, Ondi Timoner. Derek came on board to work under Samia’s direction as the Director of Photography to document Carbon Capture HQ and their leader in Halifax. Unfortunately, a positive COVID result changed things quickly. The team adapted, working with the replacement DP remotely to craft the look that would best suit the story while talking through the ever-changing narrative with Samia following every shoot day. 

Derek’s creative contribution continued during post, as he crafted the stories of both films, constantly cutting and recutting each film to adhere to a client who wanted to see almost all of the limitless possibilities of each documentary. As so often happens, something very close to the first iteration — the purest embodiment of a collaboration between a director and their creative partner — is what went public, but the entire process became a valuable exploration of what is possible in the art of the Frankenbite.

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