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New York Reborn Campaign

During the Pandemic, the food service industry suffered. Food insecurity was rampant across the city, lockdowns shut down once thriving local businesses that relied on foot traffic, entertainment, tourism, and restaurants were facing serious staffing issues. However, New Yorkers are a resilient bunch.

The New York Reborn campaign is a three-part series chronicling a group of restaurateurs as they adapted their businesses to help those in need, partnered with local government officials to change policy, and revitalized their respective communities. 

The Electricity of a City Revitalized

When Derek was approached by the Kommissary team about this project, he did not hesitate to lend his services. As an avid foodie and proud supporter of local businesses in his community, he wanted to aid the renaissance of the food industry in New York in any way that he could. 

Given the limited budget, Derek went back to his roots, operating as a one-man-band filmmaker for the first time in years to tell these three stories over a couple of days. From the pitch through the delivery of the final files, he didn't lose focus on injecting the piece with what he was feeling while walking through the New York streets every day after the COVID-19 lockdowns were lifted and the city was coming back to life: an electricity only felt in the greatest city in the world. 

He relied on handheld camera techniques, authentic locations, specialized lens filters, flamboyant editing style, and a vibrant grade to make every frame burst with colorful excitement. The result: three distinctly different stories all feeling a part of one cohesive campaign chronicling the rebirth of the city that Derek loves.

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