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Legacy: Bob Hurley

This six-part docuseries follows perhaps the most successful boys high school basketball coach of all time, Bob Hurley, as he faces what could be his last season at an inner-city school, St. Anthony. As he chases a 29th state title, he faces an obstacle he can't overcome with X's and O's or his unwavering will: the school's financial deficit and potential closing. 

Episode 1

The pilot introduces viewers to a coach who has transformed Saint Anthony High School into the heartbeat of a tough, unforgiving city as the Friars launch a season that could be the school's last.

Episode 4

Halfway through the regular season, Coach Hurley and the Friars face off against archrivals The Patrick School and ponder the unthinkable: their first loss since March 2015.

Episode 2

At the start of the basketball season, the Friars' development on the court is highlighted by senior point guard RJ Cole, who takes on leadership responsibilities and embarks on a new milestone.

Episode 5

At the tail end of the regular season, Coach Hurley and Saint Anthony approach what may be their last playoff run as the finality of single-elimination in the State Playoffs looms ahead.

Episode 3

The Friars continue their unbeaten streak as the future of the school remains in question. We also hear inspirational stories of senior Jason Lee and sophomore Alex Rice. 

Episode 6

As the Friars compete in the playoffs for Coach Bob Hurley's 27th New Jersey state title, the Archdiocese reaches a resolution and the fate of the school is sealed.

Real Time Roll Out

This story was told in real-time, with episodes premiering across the Showtime Digital platforms on a bi-weekly basis. This created a multitude of challenges for Derek and the team with the greatest one being time, and the lack of it. The team had to close the loop. By working directly with the heads of the Showtime Sports Digital team, Derek streamlined the feedback processes, often returning from the set and editing a scene the same night that the team could use as a starting point of collaboration and ideation for an episode plot, character arch, or entire thematic through line. 

As the project progressed, the story began to tell itself and Derek completely embedded himself within the story. While it wasn't exactly an optimal work-life balance, Derek credits this project as one of the most valuable of his career, given the numerous lessons he learned in such a condensed timeframe. 

It also doesn't hurt that it was critically acclaimed, Legacy: Bob Hurley won Best Webisode Series at the Cynopsis Sports Media Awards.

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