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Go/Don't Go

This feature-length thriller written, directed, and starring Alex Knapp, was an indie darling of the festival circuit, garnering acclaim at film festivals across the nation and winning multiple awards. Shot on-location on a shoe-string budget in Hudson, NY, the film has gone on to play on every major streaming platform.

Derek was a wearer of many hats on this micro-budget film, produced by A&M Creative. He has known the director since they played hoops together in high school and reconnected when Derek moved to the Big Apple. Their passion for film aligned and they began working together on everything from music videos to corporate sizzles. When Alex called about “Go/Don’t Go”, Derek dropped everything.


He immediately hit the ground running, utilizing all of his contacts at NYC gear houses, he was able to obtain a set of vintage lenses and other gear for a fraction of the price and leveraged his connections with Panasonic to obtain a cinema camera for the shoot while cross-promoting the film on their platforms. 

As they entered production, Derek filled a different role every day while being a key creative collaborator for Alex, who needed another set of eyes that he could trust behind the director’s monitor while he was on set.  Despite the long days of intense work, it remains one of the most rewarding and memorable experiences of his career. 

Go/Don't Go Laurels
Go/Don't Go ScreenCap 1
Go/Don't Go ScreenCap 2
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