NI | ''Engineering Hope'' Campaign

"Engineering Hope" is the banner video series in the rebranding of NI, formerly known as National Instruments, a multinational company that produces automated test equipment and virtual instrumentation software. The goal: to show how the technology created at NI changes lives for the better. This campaign was rolled out over a month-long period, with each video in the series garnering more engagement than the last.

Working alongside Washington Post Brand Studio, we chose to highlight the relationship NI has with the German-based producer of ventricular assist devices, Berlin Heart. Berlin Heart relies on NI for its products, software, and expertise.

While the challenges of making the highly technical aspects of these products digestible for viewers were abundant albeit compelling, producing the campaign amid the COVID-19 pandemic was perhaps the bigger hurdle.

Using a LIVE U Livestream box, I directed a Berlin-based production team virtually. Stateside, I led a team that had its crew chopped down substantially. To maintain consistent looks while still having a docu-style feel, I stressed the importance of communication in pre-production to ensure the Berlin-team and I were on the same page. Once that understanding was established I then had to be hands-off while giving virtual direction, as to not interrupt any natural occurrences or happy accidents happening on the ground.

In Episode One, "The Calling Of An Engineer," we meet David Yi, an accounts manager at NI who had previously worked with Berlin Heart. We are also introduced to two engineers at Berlin Heart Matti Elsner and Oliver Peters. They give the audience an insight into the mind and heart of an engineer. Lastly, we find out that David has a deeper understanding of the work that the engineers do at Berlin Heart.

In Episode 2, "The Path To Innovation," we are introduced to the EXCOR System, which is a mechanical heart that keeps children alive. Oliver and Matti give us a glimpse behind the creative processes involved in bringing life-saving technical devices. We meet Juniper and her mother Joni Schrantz and their experience with the EXCOR System. 

In the finale, "Hope For The Next Generation," David tells his daughter, Elena's, story. Matti and Oliver reflect upon the work that they do and look towards a future of possibilities in their careers. 

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Production Company: Washington Post Brand Studio
Director, Director Of Photography: Derek Brown
Senior Producer: Molly Holden
Producer: Brian Egan
Associate Producer: Helene Esteves 
Line Producer: John Patrick Classen
Production Coordinator: Elisabeth Ng
Cinematographer (Berlin): Chris Rowe
Assistant Camera: Facundo Altube, Justin Groom
Gaffers: Andy Schwab, Katie Gail
Technical Director: Jason Aron
Assistant Technical Director: Corey Mannicci
Sound Recordists: Carsten Kramer, Dave Schaaf
Hair & Makeup: Nicola Hapka

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