Original Dance Film | ''Nocturne No. 6''

I collaborated with New York City dancers Imani Mosley and Anna Tan with the goal of making a micro-budget dance film that mesmerizes the senses and embodies the city at night. We shot this in one day, jumping around between Battery Park, Long Island City, and wrapping up at the Brooklyn Bridge at 3:30 am. 


In post, we decided to cut the captured choreography in half and instead used sound design, footage effects, and overlays to bring an emotional arc to the edit.  All in all, a tighter piece worked well, as it was one of the 20 films selected at the acclaimed Triskelion Arts Festival in Brooklyn, NY. 


Director/DP/Producer/Editor - Derek Brown

Producers - Ana Tan & Imani Mosely
Choreographer - Imani Mosley & Imani Mosely


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