narrative short film

a brief synopsis

Polish Caprice is a dramatic thriller that tells the story of a single mother raising her teenage daughter amid a harsh New York City backdrop. Nadia is a former ballerina who is raising her daughter, Ana, to become a star in the New York Ballet.  Ana's talent is undeniable but she resents the constant pressure her mother puts on her to follow in her footsteps. As undocumented Polish immigrants, Nadia sees Ana's talent as a way to stay in America.

We spend two days with Nadia and Ana prior to a showcase that could get Ana a work visa through the prestigious program. However, when an abusive building super who has been exploiting their undocumented status, becomes violent, it sends their lives into a dark tailspin. Nadia tries to hold things together while her relationship with Ana splinters, leaving whether Ana will even perform in the showcase in doubt. 

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