A group of Brooklynites shares their first meal since the Coronavirus lockdown in New York City was lifted. They are opinionated, horny, and drunk. One intends to propose to his girlfriend but ends up fighting with his cousin over her. Another couple is called "fucking Trumpers" as the separate arguments combine to reach a crescendo.

Suddenly, a sneeze sparks a physical altercation and the engagement ring is no longer a secret. Just as things reach their most ludicrous, a creative scene change alters the entire perspective of the film and its message. 

A Tasteless Dessert is a comment on the work of legendary New York auteurs like Woody Allen, Noah Baumbach, and Nora Ephron through the context of the Coronavirus. Using witty and cutting comedic dialogue, it delivers a more poignant message on class and the characters we choose to tell stories about as creators.  




a narrative short

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