Cytokinetics | ''Living with ALS'' Campaign

When Cytokinetics approached us to make documentary films profiling people living with ALS, I immediately dived into research reading Bruce H. Kramer's We Know How This Ends and watching J. Clay Tweel's Gleason. I was ashamed of how little I knew about this dreadful disease - only being aware of social phenomena like the Ice Bucket Challenge and that Stephen Hawking had it. From that point forward I was determined to make films that were true to their subjects, touched the audience, and ultimately inspired people to raise awareness of a devastating disease. 


Cytokinetics was extremely liberating creatively and let us go through our creative processes unrestricted. We chose to create two unique films profiling people from opposite backgrounds and dispositions: Former Lieutenant Colonel & Army Linebacker Chuck Schretzman and New York artist and acclaimed puppeteer, Lindsay Abromaitis-Smith. I knew that at the heart of the stories was a theme: living with ALS is the endeavor and burden of an entire family. Chuck and Lindsay are two of the most courageous people I've ever met and it was truly an honor to tell the story of each of them and their respective families. 



Director/DP/Producer/Writer/Editor - Derek Brown
Executive Producer - Jeff Frommer
Associate Producer - Melissa Heber
Still Photography - Marlon Krieger

Cinematography (Chuck Piece) - Dave Clanet 

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