Brooks Brothers | ''Jingle Bells'' with Wynton and Oni Marsalis

It was a dream to collaborate with legendary musician and head of the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, Wynton Marsalis on this piece for Brooks Brothers, which was the centerpiece of their holiday campaign.  Wynton created an original composition of the holiday classic, "Jingle Bells," and recorded it alongside his daughter, Oni, at Spotify Studios the same day of the shoot.


Working alongside the veteran creative director, Carlo Miari Fulcus, the team built out a set that meshed a cozy living with snowflakes fluttering outside the window and a basement jazz club akin to the legendary Smalls in Greenwich Village. The lighting design centered around two spotlights for each subject - one as a backlight to silhouette the subject and one to act as a fill - being queued by the song's ebbs and flows that required extensive rehearsing and planning, given we only had 3 hours to shoot when the musicians arrived on set.  That preparation paid dividends, as this spot was Brooks Brothers' most successful holiday campaign to date. 


Director/Editor  - Derek Brown
Producer - Amy DePaola

Creative Director - Carlo Miari Fulcus
Art Director - Nicole Heffron
Director of Photography - Ben Carey
Original Music/Composer - Wynton Marsalis

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