Boss Truck Shops | ''Haul'' & ''Trucker's Creed''

We created these films to be showpieces for a campaign for Boss Truck Shops, a company that provides maintenance and support for semi-truck drivers across the lower 48. I worked with acclaimed Chief Creative Director, Andrew Ladden, and his team at Madras Global on the campaign that had the goal of being a manifesto that truckers and their families alike could be proud of.


''Haul'' is a slice of life piece that documents a day in the life of a trucker on the road. We cast a real semi-truck driver and his family to ensure we made a piece that felt authentic and emotional. We also used a limited crew, leaning into a documentary approach that enhanced the authenticity of the spot.  We utilized available light in most scenes, instead of large setups, to ensure that the untrained actor felt comfortable in front of the camera in hopes of achieving a more intimate feel in regards to his performance. Despite some challenges, we were able to make a piece that tugs at the heartstrings of the viewer and leaves a lasting impact.

''Trucker's Creed'' is ''Haul's'' companion piece that intends to extend the story of Boss Shop's new campaign. Written from the perspective of the trucker to his rig, the spot has a look that also reflects this tough tone. Due to a scheduling conflict with our talent, we ended up having to shoot this entire spot in an afternoon when the sun was high in the sky. This was a direct contradiction to everything we had planned in pre-production and we had to audible on the fly. We decided to go with a black and white grade on it to evoke the proper emotion to match the V/O and create a little more drama without having the benefit of more dramatic available light. 

Production Company - Malka Media
Creative Agency -  Madras Global
Chief Creative Director - Andrew Ladden
Director/DP - Derek Brown
Producer - Brian Egan
Assistant Camera - Matt Devlin
Key Grip - Barry Joyce
Gaffer - Scott Pittck
Editor - Dave Clanet
Colorist - Derek Michael Brown
Sound Mixer - Gaelan Mullins

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