Amazon | ''Intel's Small Business Makeovers'' Campaign

 We teamed up with the creative team at Amazon to create these three docu-style spots for Intel with the goal of showing how products powered by Intel's technology can improve small businesses within three pillars of improvement; productivity, mobility, and security. We targetted interesting and inspiring small businesses in America, give them products powered by Intel, and documented how the products improved the selected businesses' operations. After a lengthy vetting process, we selected TriFitLA to highlight mobility, Onewheel for productivity, and Café Momentum for security. 


From there, our core production team set out and shot each of these pieces in succession spending time with the businesses and their owners in Dallas, Santa Cruz, and Santa Monica. Alongside Director of Photography, Eric Giovon, the primary focus was to create pieces that felt like documentary shorts while maintaining commercial production quality.  With the time and access limitations abound, we were meticulous in our shot-listing and scheduling in order to use the time of day as a weapon rather than a restriction in creating the light for each scene. 


The edits came together quickly, and ultimately the videos, as well as multiple cutdowns, were featured across multiple Amazon and Intel platforms within a month of wrapping principal photography. 



Director/Writer/Editor - Derek Brown

Executive Producer - Jeff Frommer

Producer - Ashley Ayaz
Cinematographer/DP - Eric Giovon
Editor - Brad Howell
Art Director - Mike Mahn
Set Designer - Shawn Carroll

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