Amazon Original | ''Nore Davis: You Guys Are Dope''

Watch the full special on Amazon Prime: ''Nore Davis: You Guys Are Dope'' 

When I first met with Nore to talk about working together on his first stand-up special, the connection was immediate. With a location already in place, the tight but authentically Brooklyn Friends and Lovers, we knew we wanted to create something that felt true to Nore as a comedian and person but was a bit of deviation from a typical stand-up special.  We intercut a second environment, Nore's living room, with the stand-up portion where Nore could riff with his friends and fellow comedians Petey Deabreu, Sean Scott, Marie Faustin, Sydnee Washington, Khalil Davis, and Omar Turner. 


When shot the stand-up portion Nore sold out back to back shows. We cut what we had from there and began revising the script for the living room portion. Going into the shoot for the living room our primary focus was to keep the cameras rolling and capture everything. When you have six comedians in a room there will be moments of gold through improvisation and natural conversation so I knew we need to light everything once and just go. We also chose to go with a two-camera approach drawing inspiration from sitcom shooting techniques as well as docu-style approaches. 


We worked on the edit for months, continually having to put it on hold when schedules filled with commercial projects. While this was frustrating at the time, it proved to be essential in bringing on new team members and creative ideas in finalizing the piece, including editor, Darius Jones. The opening title sequence was inspired by concert posters from the '80s and '90s, which was largely guided by the track by Mari Edwards. Gravitas Ventures handled the distribution of the special with Amazon purchasing it exclusively.



Director/Editor: Derek Brown
Writer & Performer: Nore Davis

Producers: Louis Krubich, Dan Fried, Jeff Frommer
Directors of Photography: Mitchell Hooper, Mark Cambria
Production Designer: Jacob Salzberg
Editors:  Brad Howell, Darius Jones
Original Music: Mari Edwards, James Lambros

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